iOS 17.3 Released! Stolen Device Protection, Shared Theft Lists, and More

Apple has officially released iOS 17.3 today, which iPhone users have been eagerly anticipating. Here are the new features that come with the latest version of the operating system.

Having introduced iOS 17.2 in December, Apple has now made the new version of the operating system available for use. iOS 17.3 had its official release just moments ago.

So, what new features will iPhone owners access with iOS 17.3? In this content, we will take a closer look at the innovations in iOS 17.3.

New Features in iOS 17.3

The most significant feature introduced in iOS 17.3 is the “Stolen Device Protection.” This new feature will create a comprehensive security layer for iPhone owners. When the feature is activated, Face ID or Touch ID will be required for many operations to be performed.

Losing a phone is a common problem we may face today. However, the only bad thing about such a situation is not just the loss of the phone. Thieves also gain access to personal data on stolen phones. As a result, various issues can occur, such as emptying bank accounts and unauthorized credit card issuance. The Stolen Device Protection feature in iOS 17.3 focuses on preventing all of these.

A user activating the Stolen Device Protection feature will be required to perform biometric authentication for any action, such as viewing saved passwords in Safari or resetting the phone to factory settings. In the absence of successful biometric authentication, accessing personal data on the phone will not be possible.

Creating Shared Playlists on Apple Music

One of the features we’ll see in iOS 17.3 is the ability to create shared playlists in the Apple Music app. This way, you can create playlists with your friends.

Adding Emoji to Songs in Shared Playlists

In addition to shared playlists, Apple introduces a feature in iOS 17.3 that users will love. This feature allows users to react to any song in shared playlists with emojis.

New Wallpaper

iOS 17.3 also comes with wallpapers developed specifically for “Black History Month,” commemorating the history of black individuals.

Other Features in iOS 17.3

  • AirPlay hotel support enables direct content streaming to televisions in rooms of specific hotels.
  • Improvements in the accident detection feature on iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models.

How to Install iOS 17.3

Step #1: Plug in your iPhone to charge. Step #2: Connect to a Wi-Fi network. Step #3: Open the “Settings” page. Step #4: Navigate to the “General” section. Step #5: Go to the “Software Update” section and download/install iOS 17.3.

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