The first official film of the Apple Vision Pro, worth 3499$ has been released [Video]

Apple has released its first advertisement for the augmented reality headset, Vision Pro. Referencing the history of glasses, masks, and headsets, the ad showcases the evolution leading up to Vision Pro. The tech giant, headquartered in the United States, had been relatively quiet since announcing the Vision Pro at the WWDC 2023 event.

However, that silence has now been broken. The recently unveiled advertisement for Vision Pro is notably brief and doesn’t solely focus on the headset itself. Instead, it highlights the evolution from glasses and masks to culminate in the arrival of Vision Pro.

Vision Pro has been a highly anticipated product among tech enthusiasts for quite some time. Introduced officially in June 2023 after years of speculation, the headset promises consumers an impressive augmented reality experience. Apple also announced the availability of Vision Pro in a statement yesterday, revealing that consumers interested in owning such a headset will need to consider a significant price tag of $3,499.

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