YouTube Announces It Will Not Develop an App for Apple Vision Pro

In a recent update, YouTube and Spotify have joined Netflix in confirming that they will not be developing dedicated applications for the Apple Vision Pro. Users of these platforms will have to access content through the web browser on the Vision Pro device. This decision adds to the growing list of major platforms opting out of creating apps for Apple’s new augmented reality device.

Following the news we shared yesterday about Netflix’s decision not to develop an app for the Apple Vision Pro and restricting its mobile app from being mirrored on the device, it appears that YouTube is taking a similar stance. According to information shared by The Verge, YouTube spokesperson Jessica Gibby stated, “YouTube users can access the platform on Apple Vision Pro through Safari.”

Moreover, Spotify seems to be aligning with this trend as well. As per reports from Bloomberg, Spotify has no plans to develop an app for the Vision Pro and will not support the use of its mobile app on the device. This means that both YouTube and Spotify, like Netflix, will only be accessible on the Vision Pro through the web browser.

It’s worth noting that Spotify spokesperson Gray Munford declined to comment on Spotify’s plans for the Vision Pro.

According to information shared by MacStories, none of the top 46 apps on the App Store, as of their initial release, will have a dedicated Vision Pro app. While the popularity of apps on the App Store can change, and some of these apps might eventually allow the use of their mobile versions on the Vision Pro, the absence of these widely-used apps on the new device could impact the user experience significantly for the millions of iPhone and Mac users.

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