Cloud gaming applications like GeForce NOW are finally coming to the App Store

Apple announced today that it will be making historic changes to its services. These changes, including downloading applications from third-party stores, were made in accordance with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). So they will only be applicable to users in Europe.

However, the company also had some exciting news for Apple users worldwide. It announced that it is opening the doors of the App Store to cloud gaming services.

Cloud gaming services like GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming were not available on the App Store before. iOS users could only access these applications through a browser. The reason for the company not adding them to the store was that they “did not comply with the App Store rules,” according to Apple. These services were seen as providing access to applications that the company could not individually review.

However, with today’s announcement, this situation has changed, and it has been announced that such applications will come to the App Store. This means that iPhone and iPad users will be able to access these applications with all their features. What’s even better is that this decision will be valid not only in Europe but worldwide. So we will also see the GeForce Now iOS application in Turkey, although it should be noted that Xbox Cloud Gaming is not available in our country.

Apple also addressed previous concerns. According to this, each application in these services will have to comply with the App Store rules. In addition, there must also be an age limit in the main application.

Finally, the company will also allow mini-applications, mini-games, and chatbots. We can think of these as small services added to an application. For example, Microsoft could add cloud gaming service to the Game Pass application. The tech giant also adds that these mini-applications can use Apple’s own in-app payment system. An example of this is subscribing to a single chatbot within a main chatbot application

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